Work Groups

CAC convenes a variety of work groups that align with the organization’s priorities.  Work groups are open to anyone interested in becoming active with CAC and our partners.

Professional Development

Brings asthma resources and education to professionals by planning CAC’s educational programs, assessing the needs of the medical community around asthma, reviewing and disseminating best practices and evidence-based treatment guidelines.


Collaborates with schools and other partners across Chicago to improve the health of students with asthma in the school setting. Past and current initiatives include implementing the Asthma Friendly School Awards; advocating for new policies for students with asthma and assuring that policies are current; educating school nurses, staff, and administrators about asthma and asthma policies; educating students and their families; and implementing improved environmental controls in the schools.

Asthma-Friendly Environments

Educates about the link between asthma and the home environment, educates non-traditional partners on the link between housing and health (specifically asthma) and creates a dialogue between the medical, public health and housing communities on the topic of asthma and housing.