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Chicago Asthma Consortium is a coalition of medical and public health professionals, business leaders, government agencies, community-based organizations, and individuals dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with asthma through advocacy, education and collaboration. Become a Member and learn more or Donate today!


Kick Asthma: Knowledge Forum

2020 Program Information Coming Soon!

If you are interested in hosting a forum or would like to be part of the Professional Development programming committee, please contact Tricia Fusilero for more information.
[email protected] or 888-268-8334.



Asthma Resources

CAC collaborates with and provides information and resources for a variety of community partners including schools, housing providers, and others.


We know it can be difficult to manage asthma at times. CAC provides information for patients and family members, and links to community resources.

Health Care Providers

CAC works closely with the medical community to provide continuing education, updates on research; links to patients and the community, and resources to treat people with asthma.



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