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Asthma is a leading cause of school absenteeism, which can affect students’ academic success.  School administrators, teachers, coaches and other school personnel can play an important role in protecting children with asthma in the school environment. It is important that parents and school staff work together for the health and education of the children with asthma.

Schools can support their students with asthma by:

  • Identifying their students with asthma
  • Obtaining Asthma Action Plans for each student with asthma
  • Provide accommodations to students throughout the school day as indicated by their 504 plan
  • Enforcing Illinois’ Self-Carry and Self-Administration law, which allows students access to their quick relief medication
  • Following CAC’s Guidelines for management of asthma emergencies (Asthma First Aid poster), and/or establishing an emergency management protocol for your school
  • Providing asthma education for school staff and children with asthma
  • Creating a tobacco-free campus
  • Limiting idling of school buses
  • Encouraging physical activity for children with asthma


EPA Schools IAQ Connector – Webinars:
IAQ and Health: Managing Asthma for Improved Health and Academic Outcomes
This webinar will teach you how to identify, recognize and address indoor environmental asthma triggers, such as dust and mold, and implement the essential actions for effective asthma management in schools. You also will gain the knowledge to integrate these actions into a comprehensive asthma management plan to institutionalize policies that create a healthier indoor environment.

Know the Drill for Healthy IAQ: Training School Staff and Occupants to Reduce Indoor Asthma Triggers
This webinar will teach you how to design and successfully implement a staff training system as part of a sustainable IAQ management program. Through training, your staff will be prepared to systematically address IAQ issues and asthma triggers with practices that save money and improve the health of school occupants.

Using Data to Drive Buy-In and Funding to Reduce Asthma Triggers: The Value Proposition of School IAQ Management
This webinar will teach you how to design and successfully implement a strategy to identify, collect and use data with low-cost, easy-to-use tools (e.g., the School IAQ Assessment Mobile App) to start, improve or sustain a comprehensive IAQ and asthma management program. Through harnessing the power of evaluation, you will be equipped to make the case using a value proposition and a communications strategy that generate broader acceptance of, compliance with and funding for IAQ management, with a specific focus on reducing asthma triggers.

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