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Chicago Asthma Consortium is always looking for new committee volunteers who are enthusiastic about getting involved and eager to make a difference.  Join a committee to share your experiences and expertise, connect with fellow members and collaborate with your peers on programs and initiatives to advance our profession - all while developing skills that will benefit you both personally and professionally.

If you are interested, please complete a Committee Interest form today!I

Community Advisory Board
Molly Martin, MD  and  Felicia Fuller, Dr.PH  | Committee Chairs

The CAC Community Advisory Board (CAB) provides consultations for researchers or program directors. The goals are to help understand the outcomes and services that are important to people affected by asthma, to connect research and programs to community resources and stakeholders, and link research and programs with others conducting complimentary work.  CAC CAB consultations are available at any time via requests.

Community Engagement Committee
Sharmilee Nyenhuis, MD  | Committee Chairs

CAC is known to be involved with entities and individuals such as healthcare providers, corporations, hospitals and universities, and pharmaceutical companies who come together to share important information about asthma – treatment guidelines and protocols, legislation and policies. The CAC Community Engagement Committee welcomes the time and energy of those with passion for, and the ability to, meet asthma patients and their families where they are at with information and relatable experiences. The CEC's proposal for EXHALE Health Homes Project has been funded by IDPH. We are excited to begin working with the MTO (Metropolitan Tenants Organization) on this project. Now the work begins! We are looking for CEC members to join a subcommittee to guide and develop this project. Committee members will be asked to provide feedback on timeline, project documents and dissemination processes. We anticipate no more than 2-3 conference calls and we just ask for a timely response to emails.

Fundraising Committee
Matt Siemer | Committee Chair

The CAC Fundraising Committee is charged with raising money every year to support our missions and operational expenses of CAC.

Membership Committee
Matt Siemer  |  Committee Chairs

The CAC Membership committee serves the CAC membership by continuously evaluating the value of a CAC membership and looking at ways to develop value added features for our members. Our committee members also reach out directly to those that have let their memberships lapse. This contact serves as a reminder to renew, if so inclined, and as an opportunity to gather feedback on how we can serve our members better from those that choose not to renew.  Committee members serve as a communication point for individuals interested in membership and its benefits.

Professional Development Committee
Laura Shreffler, MSN, RN, AE-C, Anna Volerman, MD, and Matt Siemer | Committee Chairs

The committee presents ideas for asthma-related forums, as well as recommendations on presenters, themes, and facilitators with the goal to support the execution of CAC forums and other events designed to:

  • Amplify guidelines-based asthma management within Chicago
  • Facilitate learning about unique challenges to asthma management in Chicago
  • Present and promote research and new information that may affect asthma management
  • Convene stakeholders to discuss important issues in asthma management

School Committee
Andrea Pappalardo, MD and Anna Volerman, MD | Committee Chairs

The committee helps create and drive asthma initiatives in our schools. In addition, it helps create programming discussing important issues in asthma management as it relates to schools and supports research and policy related to asthma among children and schools. The School Committee is currently working on a fall back to school initiative debunking myths and encouraging safeties in place for the fall return to an in-person classroom.

Strategic Planning Committee

The committee completes the strategic planning process impacting the mission and vision of CAC. It explores what we want to see happen over the next three to five years; and formulate a plan for how to set a course so that CAC can move purposefully into the future.


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