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Community Advisory Board

The Chicago Asthma Consortium's Community Advisory Board is a group of adults with asthma, caregivers of children living with asthma, community educators, community leaders and representatives from patient advocacy organizations concerned about asthma. The Board is designed to be a link between those working in asthma and the community to ensure that the community and patient perspective is included in programs and research targeting asthma.

The Board usually meets on a quarterly basis and provides consultation to 3-6 Chicago-based research projects per year on average.

Why does the CAC CAB exist?

Asthma is a major health concern that disproportionately affects low-income minority adults and children living urban areas. Poor asthma control leads to more emergency department (ED)/urgent care visits, as well as missed school and work. With proper medication usage and reduced exposure to asthma triggers, asthma symptoms can be controlled and people can lead normal lives. We know how to do this; the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Expert Panel Report (EPR) 3 provides comprehensive guidelines for clinicians to diagnose and manage asthma. Despite this, asthma rates in Chicago persist and elsewhere persist. This means we still have a lot to learn.

One of the ways to improve research and programming is to involve patient, caregiver, and stakeholder perspectives in asthma research and medical care. Chicago-based research institutions and asthma researchers have placed an emphasis on patient-centered outcomes research and frequently call upon Chicago Asthma Consortium (CAC) as an independent, neutral, patient advocacy organization, to provide the link to patients, caregivers, stakeholders, and the broader community. To respond to this need, CAC created an asthma Community Advisory Board (CAB) in 2014. This is a group of diverse patients, caregivers and community stakeholders from across Chicago who provide input into community research and service needs around asthma.

What does the CAC CAB do?

The CAC CAB provides consultations for researchers or program directors. This can occur before funding (ideal), during a project to guide or troubleshoot, or after completion to support dissemination. The goals are to help understand the outcomes and services that are important to people affected by asthma, to connect research and programs to community resources and stakeholders, and link research and programs with others conducting complimentary work.

How do consultations work?

CAC CAB consultations are available at any time via request. There is a fee involved that covers the administrative costs of organization the consultation and a stipend for CAB members. The fee amount depends on the funding source (or lack of) and is negotiable. If you would like to learn more or request a consultation, contact

Sample of CAC CAB Consultations Provided

  • Asthma Action at Erie
  • Coordinated Healthcare Interventions for Childhood Asthma Gaps in Outcomes (CHICAGO Plan)
  • CHICAGO Collaboration II
  • Chicago Area Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Network (CAPriCORN)
  • Comprehensive School-based Approach to Improve Asthma Outcomes
  • Helping Chicago’s Westside Adults Breathe and Thrive
  • Self-Carry in Schools Project

How do I inquire about a potential project for the CAC's CAB?

If you have a project for us to evaluate, or and idea you would like to discuss, please contact us at with details or fill out our Consultation Information Request Form  


The CAC CAB is looking for new CAB members!

We are looking for adults with asthma, caregivers of children with asthma, and others who work closely with people who have asthma to serve on the CAB. CAB meetings typically occur 2-4 times/year for 1-2 hours each. These meetings will be conducted via video conference. The dates/times depend on CAB member schedules and availability. CAB members are reimbursed for their time. CAB members are sometimes asked to review short documents or proposals via email as well. CAB member commitments are non-binding. We ask CAB members to just participate as they can. For more information, contact

400 E. Randolph St., Suite 3115, Chicago, IL 60601
Phone: 888-268-8334 Fax: 312-540-9900

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