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Release of Asthma Caregiver's Handbook

Fri, June 28, 2024 6:32 PM | Association Manager (Administrator)

Respiratory Health Association has released a new, comprehensive Asthma Caregiver’s Handbook which includes a collection of resources for parents, guardians, and other caregivers of children with asthma Please visit Respiratory Health Association’s website for links to download a pdf copy, or if you are a health care provider, you may also order a hard copy.  Please note, there is a waitlist for hard copies, but another round of printing will occur.  If you have already placed an order, the Handbooks should be arriving soon. 


The Handbook includes 19 chapters organized into 4 sections, plus appendices:

·  The Introduction presents basic information about asthma and the respiratory system. 

·  Managing Your Child’s Asthma addresses how to manage asthma symptoms, asthma action plans, asthma treatment, how to respond to an asthma emergency, asthma triggers and how to manage them, keeping homes asthma-safe, and asthma and food allergies.   

·  Supporting Your Child with Asthma provides caregivers with guidance for talking to their child about asthma; empowering their child’s self-care; asthma, smoking and vaping; and preparing their child for day care, school, and college and adulthood. 

·  Other Tips for Caregivers shares how caregivers can care for themselves, tips from other caregivers, and a doctor’s answers to common questions.

·  The Appendices are rich with tools and resources ranging from a day care provider checklist and how to clean spacers and inhalers to word searches and other activities for children with asthma.

To download a copy or to sign up for a hard copy, visit Asthma Caregiver's Handbook - Respiratory Health Association (

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