What to Expect from a Doctor’s Visit

Tips for Working with Your Medical Providers

• Have a regular medical care provider to take care of your asthma needs.
• Form a partnership with your medical provider to help you control your asthma.
• Visit your doctor every six months for an asthma checkup even if you have been feeling fine.
• Know what you want from the visit. Bring a list of questions you want to ask the doctor.
• Encourage children to ask and answer questions themselves.

What Should I Expect from My Medical Provider?

• Listen to your concerns
• Answer your questions.
• Discuss how often you are having asthma symptoms and how severe they are.
• Review your medications- what they are, how and when to take them.
• Make sure you have prescriptions with enough refills to last until your next visit.
• Review and update your Asthma Action Plan.

What Does Your Medical Provider Need to Know

• Your symptoms, what they are, when they occur, how often and how severe.
• Your triggers – what you think causes your symptoms.
• Any emergency room visits or hospital admissions for your asthma.
• Missed activities, missed work or school because of your asthma.
• Use of asthma medications – what, when and how much.
• Use of other medications including herbal and vitamins.

What Should You Expect to Leave Your Visit With?

Good asthma management requires your medical provider to give you all the tools you will need to manage your asthma at home.

You will need the following:
• A written Asthma Action Plan.
• A Peak Flow Meter to monitor your asthma at home.
• A rescue medication in case your asthma flares up.
• Proper instructions on how to use all medications and devices.
• A spacer for use with any meter dosed inhalers (pumps).