Addressing Asthma in Special Populations:
Tools to Help Patients with Common Co-morbidities Better Manage their Asthma – October 11, 2011

Opening Remarks
Joel Massel, JD, Executive Director, Chicago Asthma Consortium

Smoking Cessation Tools for Patients and Families with Asthma
Mark Yoder, MD, Rush University Medical Center

Current Considerations for Obese Children with Asthma
Molly Martin, MD, MAPP, Rush University Medical Center

The Keys to Unlocking the Cycle of Asthma and Depression
Madeleine Shalowitz, MD, MBA, Director, NorthShore University HealthSystem Department of Pediatrics’ Section for Child and Family Health Studies; Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine

Evidence-Based Interventions for the Pregnant Patient with Asthma
Sean Forsythe, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Loyola University Medical Center

Faculty Disclosure Summary