Techniques and Tools of the Trade: Hands-on Training to Improve Management of Asthma and COPD – June 29, 2015

Participants work in small groups and receive hands-on training to properly administer common and newer asthma and COPD medications. Each participant receives:

  • Placebo inhalers/devices
  • Fact sheets for each medication
  • Checklists for proper technique for each device
  • Feedback on his/her own inhaler technique with each device

Devices that are be covered include: Aerolizer, Diskus, Ellipta, Flexhaler, Handihaler, Respimat, Twisthaler, Metered-dose Inhaler, Spacer, Peak Flow Meter and Nebulizer.

Program Objectives

  • Provide participants with their own teaching kit of placebo/devices, medication fact sheets, and device checklists to teach their patients to properly administer their asthma and COPD medications.
  • Demonstrate the technique to properly administer asthma and COPD medications.
  • Evaluate skills of each participant to properly administer asthma and COPD medications using a checklist.


Registration, Exhibits and Breakfast

Welcome and Introduction to the Seminar

Demonstration and Teach-Back – Peak flow meters, Metered-dose Inhalers, Spacers, and Nebulizers

Exhibits and Networking

Demonstration, Practice and Question and Answer – Twisthaler, Aerolizer, Handihaler, Respimat, Ellipta, Diskus, and Flexhaler 


Exhibits and Sponsors:

This meeting was made possible, in part, from funding received from Illinois Department of Public Health and American Lung Association of Greater Chicago.

Boehringer Ingelheim
Boston Scientific
Meda Pharmaceuticals
Monaghan Medical Corporation