Illinois HB 6333 – Signed by Governor Bruce Rauner on August 18, 2016

Chief Senate Sponsor: David Koehler

House sponsors: Robyn Gabel – Elizabeth Hernandez – Elgie R. Sims, Jr. – Lawrence Walsh, Jr.Camille Y. Lilly

HB 6333 – Amends the School Code (
105 ILCS 5/22-30) to ensure that:
  • The State Board of Education, in consultation with statewide organizations with expertise in asthma, develop a model asthma episode emergency response protocol.
  • School districts adopt an asthma episode emergency response protocol that includes the components of the State Board’s model.
  • School districts annually request from the parent/guardian of a student with asthma, an asthma action plan completed by the child’s healthcare provider.
  • Every two years, school personnel who work with pupils shall complete an in-person or online asthma training program.

Fact Sheet

New law to help students with asthma in school

A new law signed by Governor Bruce Rauner will help schools prepare for serious asthma attacks in school. State Representative Robyn Gabel (18th District) and State Senator Dave Koehler (46th District) were the original sponsors of the legislation. The legislation (Public Act 99-0843) requires the Illinois State Board of Education to develop a model emergency response protocol, and for school districts to implement their emergency protocols by January 1, 2017. It also requires school staff who work with students with asthma to complete training. Schools need to request an asthma action plan each year from parents or guardians.

Thank you to all that made this happen, especially CAC’s School Work Group and Community Advisory Board, Chicago’s Medical-Legal Partnership for Children , Respiratory Health Association and American Lung Association. See the attached press release for more information.